Monday, September 6, 2010

Memory Book Translation, Hungarian Into English

The song preserves the good and the holy,
And what's good enough to survive this desolate present?
What is the mortal present worth?
The only thing real in life is just a memory.

(on page 18)

In life you're cared for by these three:
God, parents, and good friends.
Worship the first, respect the second, and never forget the third.

To my diligent little pupil with love:
Aunt Frida

For Magda, as a memorial!

Struggling and the road awaits you.
The weak quails, the strong stays standing.
You know what strength is? Your will,
Which sooner or later discovers treasure.

Your loyal girlfriend: Frank Edit

My dear Magda,
Instead of wise advice accept my best wishes!
Aunt Magdi

For Magda,
As a memorial
(text unclear)

With lots of love: G(?) Blanka

On the road of Life
If your feet get caught by a stone,
If your eyes get filled
With tears of pain,
If your heart is bleeding from
The arrows of evil,
When you're pushed away by the one
You lived and died for,
When you can't find hope among
The dark clouds of misery,
Let there be balm on your wounds:
God himself!

With lots of love from the boarding school:
Kis Zsuzsa

Every cluster of the old locust-tree bloomed,
This may be the most precious pearl in your heart and soul.
Time passes, marble shatters,
But our friendship stays for us forever.

Lots of love: Márta

For Magda!

"Mankind, struggle, and faithfully trust!"

(quote from the Hungarian author Madách Imre's poem "The Tragedy of Man")

Lots of love: (?) Ibolya

Paddle, paddle on the sea of life,
Berth your ship on the island of happiness.

Written with love: Glancs Kata


Be pious as a flea,
And jump like a bedbug!

For you as a memory!

Working makes you noble,
Ask God and he helps you.

Love: Chromfeld (?) Chathy (?)

As a memory for Magda!

Don't hurt the one you love,
Don't break his heart,
Because the wound will never heal,
Even when you ask.

With love from your classmate: Hochhauser Kamilla

As a memory!

There are two beautiful things in life,
On which destiny has no power:
Diligence and morality,
On earth and in heaven we're blessed by them.

Love:Holczer Klára

As a memory!

The song preserves the good, and the holy.
And what's good enough to survive this desolate present?
What is the mortal present worth?
The only real thing in life is just a memory.

Lots of love: Kshári Zsuzsanna

For a memory!

Friendship is a golden thread,
Which can be torn easily,
And though it can be repaired,
The knot stays there forever.

Love: Adler Lívia

For a memory!

The destiny of mankind here on earth:
To recognize truth,
To love beauty,
To wish good,
And to always act the best way!

Lots of love: Groszberg Klára

For my diligent little student with love: Miss Erzsike

For a memory!

To love many is a guilt,
To love two is a sin,
To love One is sweet,
To be solely faithful and warm.

Love, your classmate: Méry (?) Klári

As a memory to Magda!
If you are sad just sing happily.
Don't let anyone see your falling tears.
Stay silent as the cold grave,
Which buries everything in itself.
Hide your sadness within the veil of a smile,
Let the crowds envy you,
They can't count on the balm of life,
That isn't known by them.


With lots of love to my diligent student.
Aunt Márta (?)

With lots of love to the best pupil of my class.

To my dear little student with lots of love.
Aunt Juliska

As a memory!
Your arm is strong, your heart is noble,
Space is infinite that calls you to work.
And if you do things right,
A hymn will come to you,
That shows you the way.
And if in your busy life you stop hearing the hymn,
A quiet word will come to you,
And take you from this selfish world,
And through your clear heart
It will become poetry.
(Madách Imre, Hungarian writer)

With lots of love:
Gausz Irén

If everything makes you sad on earth,
Look up to the sky, and G-- will help you.
Lots of love: Weiszkopf Edit

For my dear little pupil with love.
Aunt Berta

For my little pupil with love.
Aunt Magdi

As a memory!
When childhood first awakes to consciousness,
When its faith first is being torn by destiny,
When you, heart and soul, cry out in pain,
Beware, that's when life begins!
Lots of love: Salamon Gabi

The world is an old, worn-out building,
And it has sunk deep down.
If you walk straight with your head held high,
You can easily be broken.
If you're afraid of your head's breaking, bend.
But I'd rather break my head than bend my knees!
(Petofi Sandor, Hungarian poet)
Mandel Irén

Auntie Piroska

If life is difficult,
If fate is hard,
Everything's going to be alright,
If you don't give up hope!
Love: Farkas Piri

As a memory!
Enjoy the happiness of world,
But own to your mortality.
And if you have any pain,
Be it as short as this poem!
Written with love by your classmate:Gottlieb Róza

(names of the people who wrote in the book)

With love:
Aunt Nelly

As a memory!

"Always", "never":
With these two words I wish you
Be happy always,
And never in trouble!

As a memory to Magda!
If someone speaks badly of a friend,
Don't believe it, you love him no matter what.
If the whole world judges your friend guilty,
Let your friend be the victor and not the world,
Because a good friend, my dear Magda,
Is such a precious thing,
You can't find anything like it in the whole world.
With lots and lots of love.
Goldstein Vica

Be a lady, and if you need, there will be a gentleman for You!
Written with love:
? Magda

As a memory to Magda!
On the sea of life there's a beautiful island,
Called happiness,
I wish it to be yours!
Á. Ilonka

As a memory!
Memory is nice if stays with you,
Because it's the sign of a good heart,
And since I know your heart to be good,
I know my memory in you will last!
Lots of love:
P. Ilona

As a memory to Magda!
Love flowers,
And don't worry about your heart,
Because the ones who love flowers,
Can't have bad hearts.
Lots of love:
Herman Magda

37.Love, your classmate: Méry (?) Klári
As a memory to Magda!
What's the greatest happiness in life?
Learn this my dear little Magda:
It's when someone can say "Mother!"
For a long, long time.
Written with love by Hoffmann Lívia

As a memory to Magda!
Let us remember when we stop loving,
And let us hope even if the past is painful,
Because only those can really live
Who've learned to feel and suffer.
True love:
? Judit

The only nobility is being good,
A good heart is more than heralds and crowns.
Written with love by
Weinberger Hilda

To Magda!
The only way you can be happy in life,
Is if you're able to work, love, and pray.
Stern Edith (Eszter)

As a memory to Magda!
Don't chase happiness,!"
If it keeps running away from you.
That way you can never reach it.
Live a quiet, content life,
And happiness will find you.
Written with lots of love:
Farkas Ibolya

To Magda!
"If your friend did you good,
And you can't return the favor,
Give him your heart, filled with love!"
/Samuel Hanagid/
Written with lots-lots of love by:

There's not such a poor emptiness,
Where a man couldn't find his own little green plant.
And if it's got buried by the desert wind,
The man cries for it a while,
But keeps on going with eternal hope.
(Arany János, hungarian poet)
signature unreadable

As a memory to Magda!
If everything makes you sad on earth,
Look up to the sky, and G-- will help you!
Written with love:
Ekstein Edith

Young years are a sweet dream,
Getting old is the awakening,
Happy is the person who wakes up to follow his dreams.

in Czech:

Ked do jeduej rahray pojdes joehui hveliny sihat budes usihue si jeduu fi alku a sporneu si na huoju priatelku
- Ko Yenca c.s.r.


As a memory!
It's hard to find a good friend,
And a true, whole-hearted partner.
But it's even harder to be separated
From the one you love,
When it's such a precious thing you can't find anything like it on the whole Earth.
Goldstein Kató

To Magda!
In the storm of life your clear inner-self is the best shelter.
With lots of love your friend: Ibi